Ecovinyl ®

PVC granulates
and dry blends

Who we are?

Poli-Eco Group it’s almost 30 years of experience in plastics processing by extrusion and injection moulding, and Ecovinyl® brand belonging to Poli-Eco Group specializes in production of original PVC granulates and dry blends. The great potential of our mixing plant allows to create the highest quality materials, which are used to own production of Poli-Eco as well as to ensure constant supply to our Customers.


30 years
on the plastics market

100% polish capital

The capital group
is a fully Polish

Global range

We are preasent
on European markets and
world markets

Wide offer

We constantly improve
and develop the portfolio
of our products

What are we doing?

Do you need PVC granulate or dry blend adjusted to your needs in respect of colour and quality?

The production of Ecovinyl® materials is very flexible. Thanks to many years of experience and qualified staff Ecovinyl® meets your requirements and needs.